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This is our youth education program. A completely free online course that focuses on bringing young people aged 14 to 17 into contact with content that helps them develop new attitudes and be the protagonists of their stories. In this journey we talk about attitudes, values, social and emotional skills, self-knowledge, responsibility, persistence, leadership, decision-making, financial education, the future of work and especially about dreams.


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Social Partnership


Our support front for other projects that work on the same theme as us: education. These projects are chosen based on a social investment policy, and are accompanied by us from the transfer of funds to the rendering of accounts. As such, we were able to establish partnerships in several places. This is a strategy to strengthen other projects and spread our performance.

Since 2015, we have supported hundreds of different initiatives that seek to promote access to education, the generation of opportunities and the integral development of children and young people!

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This is our front for donating products to humanitarian aid. Through the Solidários program, we promote solidarity and the network of goodness involved in these actions! We receive product donations and allow them to reach those who need them most. We have helped thousands of children, young people and seniors through partnerships with institutions, schools and hospitals!




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Amor na Massa


[Hands-on Love] This is our volunteer program! This program was a way we found to connect our donors to the supported projects and create the opportunity for them to take voluntary action. Amor na Massa [Hands-on Love] has traveled through several cities in Brazil along with those who like to make a difference with their own hands! We publicize the actions on Instagram and anyone can participate!

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